the Silicon Material Ages

Especially, the whole of information and communication technology would have developed completely differenctly without the availability of silicon. Thus, we can with all justification talk of a silicon era, just like one talks of a stone, copper, bronze, or iron age,

where a specific material that predominantly characterized the advancements made during that time was chosen for the name of that era. Even more than with iron and steel, we have to deal here with a multitude of individual technological advances which ultimately made the material as we know it today.

The variety of the topics mentioned above attests to this. Last but not least, it has to be mentioned that silicon, because of the intense technological in test in it, belongs to the small group of solids that have been exhaustively studied and where, during its study,significant contributions to materials science have been made.

As we all know ,we would like to make some acknowledge about the silicon material  wafers.

Silicon wafers are used as a substrate material in a wide range of diode ,Anshnan Suly Electronics Co.,Ltd is a direct manufacturer of high voltage diode ,and the diode also be widely used in many fields, including but not limited to aerospace, military, sensors,space industry, medical field, and automotive industry.

On top of its usefulness as a building material, silicon is a semiconductor. A semiconductor has a conductivity that falls between the conductivity of a insulator and that of metals. Under some conditions, a semiconductor will conduct electricityunder other conditions it will not. Silicon is the most common material used in integrated circuits and microchips. Because the conductivity of silicon can be controlled in this way, its suitable for these applications.

Unlike the element silicon, silicone is a synthetic compound made up of siloxanes. Silicone is made of silicon, oxygen, and other elements like hydrogen and carbon. Silicone (there are many) are silicone-oxygen hydrides and very useful for a wide range of applications.

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