What Are the High Voltage Rectifier Diode ?

A rectifier is an electrical device that converts AC to DC. AC regularly reverses

direction, while DC flows in one direction only. Almost all rectifiers contain more than one diode in particular arrangements. A

rectifier also has different wave forms, such as:

Half Wave: Either the positive or negative wave is passed through and the

other wave is blocked. It is not efficient because only half of the input wave

form reaches the output. Full Wave: Reverses the negative part of the AC wave form and combines it

with the positive

Single-Phase AC: Two diodes can form a full-wave rectifier if the transformer is

center-tapped. Four diodes arranged in a bridge are needed if there is no

center-tap. Three-Phase AC: Generally uses three pairs of diodes

One of the key problems with rectifiers is that AC power has peaks and lows, which may not produce a constant DC voltage. Usually a smoothing circuit or

filter needs to be coupled with the power rectifier to produce a smooth DC

current. Rectifiers are the power electronic circuits which converts AC power (Which is

available from the power sockets in your home) in to DC power(Which is

available from batteries). The advantage of DC power over AC power is it(DC)

can be stored in batteries where as AC power can't be stored. So every portable electronic device requires a Battery to run it. So batteries in

turn requires DC power to charge them. So in order to charge the batteries in

your portable electronic devices like mobile phones,Laptops etc( The ones

with battery in it) you use Rectifiers which you call them as chargers. This is

one application and there are many. With the development of the society ,the rectifier is widely used in our daily

life .High voltage diode also is a kind of rectifier and used in power supply by

giving a large capacity to a DC high voltage stabilized power supply etc

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