• Induction Coil High Voltage Power Supply, High Voltage Electrical Supply, High Amperage Dc Power Supply
  • Induction Coil High Voltage Power Supply, High Voltage Electrical Supply, High Amperage Dc Power Supply

2CL9 Series Ultra Fast Recovery High Voltage Diodes


Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :5 TO 60 DAYS

Supply capacity :50KK

1. Low leakage,resistant to surge ,resistant to shock.
2. High-speed transfer switch reaction ,reverse recovery time for 50ns.
3. High heat resistance,PN junction temperature peak 130℃
4. Environmentally friendly process,international standards
5. Using epoxy resin molding vacuum package, with corrosion resistant surface

High Voltage Measurement Equipment, High Voltage Grounding Equipment

Product Overview:

Our high voltage diode products are composed of multiple miniature P-N junction chips in series, which are the high voltage resistance layered modular constructions.

Product Features: High reverse breakdown voltage, High Voltage Measurement Equipment low forward voltage drop, high current resistance, ultrafast recovery time, low leakage current, fitting into harsh working condition and so on.

Technology application for these series products: high voltage resistance and heat resistance structural designs; special cutting technique for die chips; High Voltage Measurement Equipment adopting new and advanced high heat resistance protective glue passivation to ensure the miniature plastic package humidity resistance reach to the international advanced level; adopting new molding compound for modeling package to ensure humidity and heat resistance of silicon stacks reach to international advanced level.

TypeVrrm (KV)IO (mA)IFSM  (A)VFM  (V)IR(μA)TRR(nS)Tstg (℃)Size(mm)
50-40 TO 130


50-40 TO 130


Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional high technology enterprise that focuses on R&D, design and production of high voltage rectifier components for various fields.

Our main products are high voltage silicon stacks, High Voltage Measurement Equipment industrial special silicon stacks, high voltage silicon rectifier diodes, high voltage silicon stacks of microwave oven, high voltage silicon rectifier bridges, high voltage rectifier components, high voltage modules and so on.

HVDIODE  products are widely used in medical equipments, electrostatic precipitation, spraying, high frequency thermal bonding, oil dehydrating, high voltage detection, plasma injection, ion acceleration, electron beam welding, electron microscopy, air purification, vacuum coating, High Voltage Grounding Equipment ultrasonic cleaning, high energy ignition, X-ray machine industrial microwave, radar modulation, laser equipments, all kinds of power supply and other electronic equipments.

HVDIODE products sell well throughout domestic and overseas.


2CL9 Series Ultra Fast Recovery High Voltage Diodes

SLUG Series Ultra Fast Recovery High Voltage Diodes

HVSU Series Ultra Fast Recovery High Voltage Diodes

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